Hello, I'm Luke

UCSD CSE '23. Passionate about Android app design & development.



Online Tutor

The Princeton Review

2023 – 2024


Tutor for The Princeton Review’s Tutor.com online tutoring service. Assisted K-12 and college students in subjects including computer science principles, Java, SQL databases, and web development.

Student Android Developer

Qualcomm Institute @ UCSD

2021 – 2023


Developed and maintained multiple Android applications; worked as the Android developer on a team of mobile, web, and backend developers.


Projects include: a survey app for a cancer research study conducted by UCSD and the MD Anderson Cancer Center; a prototype SDK that collects device data for use in user fingerprinting and authentication; and others.

Computer Science Tutor

UC San Diego CSE Department



Tutor for CSE 12 (Data Structures) + CSE 15L for two quarters. Graded programming assignments and quizzes; proctored labs; helped resolve student questions via the Autograder ticket system.


Me in my graduation regalia!

In 2023, I graduated from the University of California San Diego with a bachelor's in computer science. My degree gave me hands-on and theoretical experience with areas including algorithms, computer architecture, machine learning, and software engineering.


Coursework includes:
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Software Engineering
  • Principles of Computer Operating Systems
  • Database System Applications
  • Web Client Languages
  • Online Database Analytics Applications
  • AI: Search and Reasoning
  • Intro to Machine Learning
Me at a robotics competition!

In high school, I joined FRC Team 980 ThunderBots, where I worked with my peers to design, build, and program robots to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition each year.


I took charge of programming four robots (C++ and Java) and two Arduino coprocessors over three competition seasons. I used this opportunity to investigate multiple programming languages and build systems, design and test autonomous route plans, and integrate vision systems that assist the human operators in scoring game pieces.


I also took leadership in multiple team programs and initiatives, including our LEGO Robo-Camp in the off-season, for which I revised the curriculum and participated in the instruction of young kids in how to design their own robots. I was then promoted to co-captain in my final year of high school.

Skills and Abilities

  • Professional experience with Java, Android, and Kotlin
  • Developed with Retrofit, Room, Hilt, and other libraries
  • Worked with Python, C, C++, C#, SQL, and other programming languages
  • Application design with Google’s Material Design system & Jetpack Compose
  • Frontend website development in Svelte (HTML/CSS/TypeScript)
  • Backend development in Kotlin & Ktor (REST, ROP)


Tasks (chara.dev)

2022 – 2023


Created a functional and colorful tasks app with Kotlin Multiplatform, Ktor, and SvelteKit. Features a unique and friendly design, a home-rolled account system, and cross-device sync. Available on all major web and mobile platforms.


Built with Koin, SQLDelight, Compose Multiplatform, & Decompose on mobile; Ktor, MariaDB, Firebase Cloud Messaging, & Quartz Scheduler on the backend; and TypeScript on the web.

Portfolio Website



Created a fully server-side portfolio website using SvelteKit and Material Design. Hosted via GitHub Pages.

ThunderScout 3



Redesigned and rebuilt my Android-based scouting app for FIRST Robotics Competition teams, using Android’s Jetpack libraries, Material Design Components, and Bluetooth communication stack to collect, transfer, and display user-defined data on multiple devices.